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20 February 2010 @ 10:31 am
I don't know what I ate last night, but I think I should avoid it from now on.

This is what I dreamed;

I was watching KF on T.V. when suddenly I noticed that Blue Flame's name was blue, like a global administrators. At first I was excited because the color of the name matched the actual name, but then I became frustrated when I remembered that she hadn't properly completed the porcupine shot-put. Then I got angry because a ton of other mods, including the ones who aren't really active, were promoted and I wasn't. So I got a magic marker, colored my name purple, and wrote "SEE? PURPLE IS RED AND BLUE. I BEAT ALL OF YOU."

Then the T.V. where I was watching KF turned into a rather pretty house that was laid out like mine. However, where my kitchen and laundry room is, there was the bakery where I work. Me and two of my coworkers, Kara and Ammy, were working, and when Gena left they were like OMG WE NEED TO LEAVE and we left because the bakery was haunted. And we went to the mall and bought cute clothes. Except me. Because I spent all of my money on Avatar figurines. There was one that had Katara and Zuko and an igloo that flipped open, but the others were just the ones they're selling for the movie. When I did that, Aang came to life and said "By buying these, you have supported the movie and therefore angered the Avatar gods. You shall be punished accordingly." So I freaked out and fed the figurines to a tiger who lived outside of Pac Sun.

So then we went back to the bakery and started working again. I put the figurines (which I still had despite them being fed to the tiger?) on a ledge and started mopping. Suddenly, the lights started flickering. I don't know how, but I felt like Crystle and a bunch of other KFers had died and started crying. Like, I felt like I was all of a sudden the only LIVING person in the building and like everyone was haunting me.

Suddenly, the lights burned really bright and the bakery turned into my living room. A bunch of mods were sitting around the T.V. from earlier and dissecting the Avatar trailers. And then, suddenly, I noticed some disembodied dialogue in the trailer and deduced that it was Noah Ringer. I announced it to them, and they were all extremely disappointed because Noah Ringer sounded like Sean Connery.

...And then I woke up.

Yeah <_<
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